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For the purpose of this task, us...

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<br>For the purpose of this task, use the following definitions:<br>• Situation: event or condition occurring during the context of a school day<br>• Routine: prescribed course of action to be followed by students in the class<br>room<br>• Procedure: series of steps students will take to accomplish a routine<br>Note: Be sure to focus your responses on the routines and procedures of the<br>students, not the teacher.<br>For this task, you will need to refer the following list<br>:<br>K–8 Situations<br>1. Beginning of the day<br>2. End of the day<br>3. Transition between activities<br>4. Distribution of materials<br>5. Field trip<br>6. Recess<br>7. Fire or disaster drills<br><br>Refer to the given list for K-8 situations. Think about the types of behaviors that take place during<br>each of the situations.<br>1. Identify one routine that you would want students to follow for each of the<br>seven situations listed. Be sure to describe the actions of the students, not<br>the teacher.<br> Outline a procedure with a minimum of three steps that students (not the<br>teacher) will follow during each routine. (You will have an outline consisting of 21<br>steps: three steps for each of seven routines).<br>Note: The format for presenting your routines and procedures should be as<br>follows:<br>1. Routine<br>a. Step 1 of Procedure<br>b. Step 2 of Procedure<br>c. Step 3 of Procedure<br><br>Write a brief essay (suggested length of 1–2 pages) in which you explain why<br>each of the routines you have identified would be appropriate.<br>Note: Be sure to frame your explanation in terms of the student’s actions, not the<br>teacher’s.<br><br>
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