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I am time conscious and dynamic writer who offers the best help to students. I use simple English and ensure all instructions given are followed to the latter. I always make sure that I have proof read my work before handing it in. I do not have room for plagiarism hence provide original work for each task awarded to me. My Academic qualifications include a Masters in Business Administration (double major in Finance and Marketing option), Bachelors degree in Finance, A diploma in Sociology and an ACCA finalist. My areas of expertise include business, Sociology, psychology, History, English and Literature.

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03/14/2014 Module 1: 1. The price of an item you want to buy Assigned
03/21/2014 Module 7-Please see attachment for assignment Assigned
03/28/2014 Module 8-Please see attachment for assignment Assigned
10/17/2016 i need it before 10 AM today my time is 2:43 Am how Assigned
10/18/2016 Hello, I'm looking fr someone to help me out with m Assigned
10/21/2016 Choose a country other than the United States. Com Assigned
10/27/2016 hi, I have homework about project management 600 an Assigned
10/31/2016 Do Problems from 1-18 except #9 Assigned
10/31/2016 i have half of it done, so you'd only need to do th Assigned