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I am a dedicated teacher and writer who meets deadlines by prioritizing. The most important activities and those needed soonest are done first while those least important and have more time are handled last but with the same intense care. I value professionalism and originality that is why my goal is to deliver authentic work and on time.

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01/25/2017 hello everyone i have an assignment that due in the Assigned
01/26/2017 hey guys I want someone to do my History homework f Assigned
01/31/2017 it is ready presentation only I need you to add APA Assigned
01/31/2017 business law help me out only way you get money is Assigned
02/04/2017 business law Identify a real life business/corpo Assigned
02/05/2017 I've one research assignment need to be done for (E Assigned
02/06/2017 Assigned Readings: Chapter 3 (8th Edition) Ans Assigned
02/07/2017 Spend a few minutes considering the new information Assigned
02/10/2016 I have Anthropology online class.. I will have 10 q Assigned
02/13/2017 I need to write outline for special occasion speech Assigned
02/13/2017 hi guys , I need outline Proposals for essay 1 I Assigned
02/15/2017 The problem is Galaxy Note 7 phone. Research and Assigned
02/15/2017 I need a summary for this artical http://www.or Assigned
02/16/2017 Persuasive Speech 3 parts (topic of your choice) 1. Assigned
02/20/2017 1- Write over page about the bridge and pier for pa Assigned
02/22/2017 If you were responsible for developing your company Assigned
02/23/2017 Hi, I just want you to do question 1& 2 from the as Assigned
02/28/2017 concert report writing Assigned
03/01/2017 What objections could other countries have to the e Assigned
03/03/2017 I have government homework ,THIS ASSIGNMENT IS REQU Assigned
03/04/2017 One of the major ongoing international crises is th Assigned
03/08/2017 For Journal #5, we'll focus on punctuation issues i Assigned
03/09/2017 Each student is required to prepare a one (1) Pager Assigned
03/12/2017 i have one question. 1. List four reasons why a co Assigned
03/13/2017 Assigned
03/19/2017 history Assigned
03/19/2017 Write a 2-3 page essay, See attached file for more Assigned
03/19/2017 1. A virtual world, such as Second Life, is an onli Assigned
03/23/2017 problem solution Assigned
03/24/2017 i need it after 24 hours Assigned
03/24/2017 4 pages argument essay answering the following ques Assigned
03/29/2016 I need a summary one page and half about the attach Assigned
03/29/2017 An essay about (the history of File Transfer Protoc Assigned
03/29/2017 Discuss the basic assumptions underlying the realit Assigned
03/30/2017 I need three examples for each one of the list: 1- Assigned
04/05/2016 n your essay, be sure to include the following: t Assigned
04/05/2017 philosophy Paper 6 pages plz read instructions in t Assigned
04/11/2016 Creating a Plan for Continued Action and Follow-Up Assigned
04/26/2016 This is a English 300 paper that needs to be 8-10 p Assigned
05/17/2016 i need one paper of argument essay from the Movi Assigned
06/26/2016 Week 2 Outline Overview Business Communications Assigned
07/20/2016 1.Explain the actions that were occurring at the mo Assigned
08/16/2016 I need an outline about how to increase the economy Assigned
09/18/2016 Four SEPARATE essay responses consisting of one to Assigned
10/27/2016 I have an argumentative research assignment about ( Assigned
11/15/2016 I have a paper about into the wild's analys Assigned
12/01/2016 2 to 3 pages in ApA style ,in 12 hours i will attac Assigned
12/05/2016 The outline file is attached. This essay should be Assigned
12/05/2016 2-3 pages essay about describing the two pieces of Assigned
12/06/2016 An essay about (Raise the Gas Tax Already) about 85 Assigned
12/11/2016 Philosophy paper. Write a short paper (1-2 pages Assigned
12/14/2016 hey I need three pages about the Certified Public Assigned
12/6/2016 please read the following instructions carefully Assigned