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Hi everyone. Looking for someone to help with your homework? I am definitely the best choice for you. I have a major in biology and chemistry and i just finished all the requirements for medical school. I am fluent in written and spoken English. I am also a very good writer and have quite a lot of experience with research papers, term papers, general assignments, essays, research proposals and data entry. Furthermore, I am a tutor of management studies, economics, educational studies, sociology and psychology, marketing, Geography, History, management, English, Literature, Education and health studies among other subjects. I've scored 800/800 in SAT II physics, 800/800 in biology and 780/800 in chemistry and i've scored in the 99th percentile in the MCATs (medical school examination).

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01/31/2017 Describe in detail what you believe are the two mos Assigned
02/05/2016 test Assigned
02/07/2017 response essay by answering the question from the r Assigned
02/09/2017 Go to the website www.sleep-deprivation.com and sel Assigned
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02/14/2017 i have history homework can and one do it in a good Assigned
02/16/2017 Hello, I want do this report by tomorrow without p Assigned
02/16/2017 hello i need to summarizes the article. and I need Assigned
02/17/2017 Noni is 5 years old and preparing to enter kinderga Assigned
02/18/2017 As a school counselor, you might spend considerable Assigned
02/18/2017 Assignment 4 Standard Deviation Compute the standar Assigned
02/19/2017 International business class: General overview of Assigned
02/21/2017 system desgin operation Respond to the following qu Assigned
02/23/2017 Continuation on research paper Topic: genetic asp Assigned
02/24/2017 Pathophysiology case study. APA format Very det Assigned
02/25/2017 Watch this movie " Bend it like Beckham " and read Assigned
02/28/2017 Persuasive Speech 3 parts (topic of your choice) Assigned
02/28/2017 Hi, having a economic essay problem. Assigned
04/01/2016 Table , History Assigned
06/07/2016 hello everyone I have an assignment due next week a Assigned
06/16/2016 Critique the article provided using the template. Assigned
07/30/2016 Comparison/Contrast, Topic to Topic essay. 1000 wor Assigned
08/05/2016 Critical apppraisal assignment. There is an article Assigned
08/14/2015 I have a research paper for my master's program and Assigned
09/26/2016 Please help me answer 2 separate ethics questions Assigned
10/01/2016 Chicana/o Demography and Identity in Colorado and N Assigned
10/16/2016 Assigned
11/02/2015 Final Project 14 Pages not including title and refe Assigned
11/29/2016 3 Pages research paper, reeaaad the instructions ve Assigned
12/07/2016 3. Write an Essay in response to the following subj Assigned
12/11/2016 hello, I need an essay about "the internship movie" Assigned
12/12/2015 I have a entirely online POSC100--American Governme Assigned
12/13/2016 Hello! Please i need help with this assignment. An Assigned
12/31/2015 6 papers on System analysis and design, totalling 2 Assigned