5 Last-Minute Study Tips to Survive Final Exams

College students work hard all through fall term to earn a much-needed Thanksgiving break, and afterwards, time flies right into final exam time. It is not impracticable to swot up at the last minute, but cramming at midnight before the exam is clearly not recommendable and should not be made a habit. To offer some support, we have prepared a few last-minute study tips to help you survive finals season and get to the upcoming holiday break in one piece.

1.    Find a New Study Spot

Where you choose to study has more of an effect on your memory ability than you may realize. If you are used to studying in the same location all the time, switch it up and try a new spot. Head to a place with a lack of distractions, like a campus library or your favorite cafe.

2.    Review Summaries Rather Than Full Notes

Preparing mind maps or one-page bullet point summaries of each topic can be a good way to review the topic and check your understanding. If there is any topic which you feel specifically unsure about, it may be helpful to review that in more detail.

3.    Chew gum

Gum can do a lot more than just give you minty fresh breath — it might give you an A! According to a study, chewing gum increases blood flow to the brain and stimulates memory recall. College students who chew gum while studying and taking their final exams perform better than others.

4.    Read Your Notes Out Loud

You are 50 per cent more likely to recall the material you are revising if you say it out loud. When you talk, your brain gives you three stimuli (read, say and hear) instead of one to remember your notes. In fact, sing, shout or even rap — as long as you open your mouth!

5.    Write down everything you can recall

Without looking at your notes or textbook, write down everything you know about the topics you studied. After you have squeezed out as much as you can from memory, you might like to go back and add in any missing details in a different colored pen.

And finally…

Think positively.

You have done all you could by following these study tips, and everything will be fine. It is, after all, only an exam, and not the end of the world. A positive attitude is likely to help you more than anything else tomorrow. Good luck! ツ

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