8 Business Books for Your Summer Reading List

Continuing our efforts to prevent you from forgetting what you’ve learnt over the summer break, we bring you a suggested reading list. If you’re heading off to business school, running your own business, climbing up the corporate ladder or just thinking to tie your career with management industry, these books will keep you on point this summer. Maybe not all of them are suited for the beach, but it will definitely bear fruit in the coming fall semester!

1. Business is Combat, James D. Murphy

2. Management Stripped Bare, Jo Owen

3. Sixty Trends In Sixty Minutes, Sam Hill

4. CEO Logic. How to Think and Act Like a Chief Executive, С. R. Johnson

5. Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance? by Louis V. Gerstner, Jr.

6. The Fundamentals of Business to Business Sales and Marketing, J. M. Coe

7. Don’t Take Our Word for It! by Godfrey Harris

8. How to become CEO: The Rules for rising to the top of any organization, J. J. Fox

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