Top 5 Tips to Get Ready for College

Going to college may sound exciting, but the amount of preparation required to get there may seem daunting to many students. With so many things to accomplish, it can be useful to have some guidance on what needs to get done this summer before college. Check out these five tips that can help you to hit the ground running in the fall.

1.    Learn to Manage College Finances

Preparing your budget is one of the most important things of your summer preparation. Be sure you understand which expenses your parents are covering, and which will be your responsibility. From textbooks to late night pizza deliveries, college life can be expensive. If you have no experience following a budget, Mint app can help you with it.

A summer job can provide you with a little cash reserve to get you through the next months. If you will need a part-time job during school, start researching opportunities right now, on your college’s job boards. Here are a few on-campus job ideas to get you started.

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8 Business Books for Your Summer Reading List

Continuing our efforts to prevent you from forgetting what you’ve learnt over the summer break, we bring you a suggested reading list. If you’re heading off to business school, running your own business, climbing up the corporate ladder or just thinking to tie your career with management industry, these books will keep you on point this summer. Maybe not all of them are suited for the beach, but it will definitely bear fruit in the coming fall semester!

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10 Must-Reads for Marketing Students

Reading books is the best source of self-education. The most important and beneficial thing for students is to read the right books, which contain answers to their questions or a lot of great ideas. We highly recommend students to read the following list of books which are not only for marketing and business students, but for everyone who wants to develop their horizons and to be one step ahead of others.

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Summer Job Ideas for College Students

1.    Visit your School’s Employment Center

A lot of college students are looking for summer jobs to earn money for their vacation, to explore future careers or to add experience on their CV. Of course, if you want to have the opportunity to pick a great position from various options, it might be better to start looking for it in the spring but there are still some available for you. Begin with visiting your school’s employment center, they will help to find summer jobs for you. Don’t forget to contact the person who is responsible for your program of study and who likely knows about open positions related to your career path.

2.    Apply for a Paid Internship

Read our blog post 6 creative things students should do over summer break to get more information about summer internship programs.

3.    Work as a Private Tutor

If you’re a smart student who gets good grades or is a talented teacher, private tutoring will be an easy way to boost your bank balance. It will be a flexible, part-time job that won’t take a lot of your personal time. Start to promote your service using social networks and websites concerned with career opportunities in private tutoring, for example First Tutors. You can also speed up your job search using some old-fashioned methods, such as to hang your ads on local notice boards or to ask neighborhood schools to place your posters on their property. There are also a lot of online tutoring jobs like teaching English by Skype. Explore all ways!

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How to Handle Summer Courses

1.    Free up your fall or spring semesters

Summer break is the best time for taking courses to move ahead or catch up on some complex subjects. Don’t wait for the fall and spring semesters, which tend to be chaotic and busy, it might be a smart idea to credit your time this summer and fulfill some part of an education program to reduce workload for next semesters. Furthermore, if you expect to face to a particular difficult class in your next semester, it might be better to give it individual attention and take it for ten weeks instead of the conventional fifteen. You are also able to retake a course that you didn’t do too well in the previous semester if it’s the very important one for you future career.

2.    Save on your expenses

Worried about rising tuition rates? A lot of students don’t consider that they are able to take a couple of classes during the summer in order to save on their costs. We
have important news for you, increases in fees don’t apply until the beginning of the fall semester! Many students complete a four year degree in three years taking courses during their summer break. Make the right decision, which will get you much closer to graduation and will keep a few more dollars in your wallet.

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6 Creative Things Students Should Do Over Summer Break

1.    Take a summer course

If you consider education a significant investment for your future carrier, than one of the best ways to spend your summer break is to take academic course at another college or university. Do you know that you are able to complete a four year degree in three years? Many students take summer courses and save on their expenses.  But if you are going to work this summer, a better alternative might be to take an online course. You can find plenty of free, online courses on a number of topics and balance your work and education during the summer break. Moreover, there are a lot of various summer sports camps for those who want to develop their athletic skills and have fun.

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