How HomeworkForYou started

HomeworkForYou is, if not the first, one of the pioneers in the Homework Marketplace space, with the registered company starting back in 2010. Oftentimes we are asked how we started, well here’s the life story:

The founder of H4Y had a friend in California who was doing homework for money. This was during the 2008 crisis where jobs were simply unavailable and it was a struggle just to make ends meet. She mentioned that she would earn a consistent $3,000 a month without really needing to work very hard.

Furthermore, it only started with one assignment, then one friend referred another, and soon she had the power to pick and choose who she could do Homework for. It begs the question, surely there should be a place where we can connect this supply and demand together , and in return, the business would take a service fee.

Enter comes HomeworkForYou, the first Homework Marketplace on the internet.

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