Online Courses, the new age

While most of the jobs posted on HomeworkForYou are single assignments  and/or papers, there has been a significant amount of posts that are now course based. What does this tell us?

  1. More and more students around the world are taking courses online
  2. Online courses have very poor security standards that very seldomly check whether users are the ones that are doing the work
  3. Universities are more interested in making money than the quality of work students are pushing out

Sure there are anti-cheating technologies such as plagiarism checkers, browser blockers etc., but the fact remains is that these universities are going mostly unchecked on their road to make more money for themselves.

Many of the users on the site post entire courses with providers promising As or Bs with guarantees because online courses have become that easy to get through.

The landscape of education has changed significantly since just 4 years ago where online education was pretty much non-existent. 4 years more and you’re probably going to see more students doing online courses than being in physical universities. Mark my words!

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