5 Tips for Introverted College Students to Connect More

You make a number of awkward excuses as to why you can’t hang out with your classmates after a long day of classes or at the end of a study week. You prefer to come across someone who seems quiet, spend your lunchtime alone and avoid noisy crowds as much as possible. Actually you just want to come to college, do what you have to do there and go home again. It’s probably safe to say that you’re introvert.

Extroverted students draw energy from others, they easily communicate, eagerly share their ideas and knowledge and crave positive feedback. Meanwhile, introverts need privacy and personal space to recharge after each social interaction.

It may seem to the majority that you desire to be a lonely wolf, and maybe you do. However, it’s not always the case. You still want to make friends and acquaintances.

Here are 5 tips to improve your communication with extroverts.

1). Collaborate with your classmates and others online where you can speak your mind freely but have privacy at the same time.

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5 Brain Stretching Teasers for College Students

Let’s face the fact, studying at a college or university is a hard work. The tension of preparing for a medium-term assignment or completing a semester-long project justifies regular study breaks. Unfortunately, most of college students return to activities that have the opposite of the desired effect. They check their friends’ Snapchat stories, scroll Facebook and Instagram feeds, staring absently into the screen of their smartphones.

A study break isn’t always an invitation to completely turn off their brain. It can be beneficial to make an effort to unplug from social media world and get a breath of fresh air, make some exercises, meditate or do brain teasers.

Puzzles and brain teasers can strengthen cognitive skills in students of all ages. It keeps their mind engaged, when they take time off their notes and textbooks. In order to resolve teasers, college students train their brain by reading and thinking carefully. In other words, it aids them to become creative problem-solvers.

Here are top 5 brain teasers which can help college students to relax and concentrate withal.


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3 Effective Note-Taking Techniques for College Students

Have you noticed that you forget half the things you learned within 20 minutes after a lecture? Or that you only remember 10% of what was said during a class? Sounds terrible, isn’t it? But actually there is no reason to worry if you have note-taking skills. Believe it or not, takings notes can help you to absorb 80% of new information and refresh your mind on your notes. These skills can also aid you to stay more focused on what was being taught during the lecture and actively involved in the class. If you aren’t good at taking notes or want to develop your abilities, try these 3 effective note-taking techniques listed below.

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The Best Music for Studying and Concentration

Each college student knows many factors can influence on his or her productivity while studying. No doubt that the most important one is to create an effective comfortable environment around themselves. However, for some students it’s a torture to be in a quiet room without distractions when they study. This kind of atmosphere is able to make students end up struggling with boredom and succumbing to the allure of napping on their books. Choosing the right type of music can lead to more conscientious studying, motivate to stay focused and not be distracted by little things. Besides that it relieves stress and reduce anxiety insensibly.

Dennis Kuo is a very talented Taiwanese-American musician and compositor who’s channel has become the most popular Study Music Project on YouTube. Listening to his relaxing, instrumental background music can help college students to study and concentrate easily on their assignments. The videos are accompanied by a collection of amusing handwritten and illustrated artworks, which can refresh their minds during a study break.

4 Hour Study Music by Dennis Kuo

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Top 5 Ways to Balance School and Work

What is the most valuable resource for college students? It’s time of course. Sometimes it feels that it just flies by and students wonder where all of the time went. It affects working students especially. In fact, 72% of college students combine education and work throughout the school year, 20% of whom work full-time, according to a 2014 study by the U.S. Census Bureau. Time management is a common problem for any college student and the way how to plan and manage it is a special art. Take a look at these 5 time management strategies to do your best at college, find moments to relax and make some money on the side.

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5 Ways to Never Miss Your Morning Lecture

Most college students start their weekday with an irritating beeping sound of an alarm clock. Certainly, they can’t resist hitting the snooze button and continue sleeping. This habit causes students to be late for their morning classes. To help them to get out of bed, savvy people have come up with tons of creative and innovative ideas. Be sure you will never miss your morning lecture after trying one of the 5 effective alarm clocks listed below.

1. Clocky, the run-away alarm clock

Clocky is an ingenious clock that can easily help college students to wake up on time. It runs in random directions in the room while ringing. Although Clocky may seem annoying, it will help even the most stubborn of sleepyheads to get out of bed in an effort to switch off this alarm clock.

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7 Tips for Writing Your Best College Essay

Writing an essay is the easiest way to reveal your personality. It can give your audience a sense of who you are and also showcase your writing abilities. Try our tips to craft your best college essay.

1. Brainstorm ideas

It can be challenging and time consuming to find an interesting topic for your article. Begin off by brainstorming some ideas on topics to discuss in your essay. You can use a mind map as well to help in stimulating your lateral thinking.

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Top 7 Articles to Make This Your Best Semester Ever

At this moment college students all over the world are heading back to school after a long summer holiday break and you aren’t an exception. Whether you’re just starting college or returning for another fall semester, you need to get in the right mood for studying. In this blog post, we picked the best articles to help you and other college students to make the most out of the upcoming fall semester.

10 Tips to Get Your Study Back on Track for the Fall Semester

5 Ways to Never Miss Your Morning Lecture

3 Tips to Beat Your Fear of Public Speaking

Free Online Tools for Collaboration with Your Classmates

10 Steps to Boost your Memory

5 Simple Ways for College Students to Live On a Budget

7 Tips for Writing Your Best College Essay

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7 Motivational Quotes to Help You Study in the New Semester

Summer break is coming to an end, and while you and your classmates enjoy the last summer days you have to keep in mind that the fall semester is around the corner. It’s easy to carry over the summer laziness without classes, assignments and exams. Perhaps you are getting used to your family vacation, homemade food and warm days by the beach. What you need is motivation! These 7 study quotes can be a great way to help you focus on the upcoming semester.

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