5 Ways to Deal with a Difficult Professor

A good professor can make a college class worthwhile. And a bad one can easily ruin it. Whether they aren’t personable, are super strict, or just seem to dislike you by some reason, they can make a semester hell. To aid you get through their lectures unscathed, here are five ways for you to deal with the difficult professor.

1.    Change Classes

If it is a course that is commonly taught by many professors, see if you can transfer to a different one. If you need the course to graduate, and it is a rare one, talk to your academic advisor as quickly as possible.

2.    Have Good Attendance

To avoid any unnecessary brushes with your professor, be punctual and arrive before your classes begin. Getting out of bed and going to class is not fun and easy. But if this professor that is so appalling sees that you are putting the effort in to come to their lectures, they will be more likely to aid you. Anyway, it is a good habit which you must cultivate within yourself in order to thrive at college.

3.    Find Someone Who Has Taken This Course Before

Ask your academic advisor if they can connect you with students who have previously taken the course to get help. They may have some useful tips and tricks to get on the professor’s good side.

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5 Ways to Get Your Homework Done Faster

1.    Record Classroom Lectures

Recording lectures is helpful for lots of college students, as it makes information more obtainable and easier to digest. Once a student has recorded a lecture with a smartphone or laptop, they can go over the material on their own time and at their own pace. By playing back a record on the way home they will be able to absorb information and complete their homework faster later on.

2.    Hard Start – Jump to Easy

When a student starts doing their homework, first, they have to focus on the hardest tasks. If after a minute they are still struggling, they have to switch to another task. This puts the question into the student’s mind and while they are working on other tasks, the tough question has entered into the diffused mode. This technique enhances students’ ability to unlock their potential and accomplish their assignment a lot quicker and significantly better.

3.    Do Homework at School

Here is something teachers don’t tell their students: homework is not actually supposed to be done at home. In fact, the best time to work on their assignment is when a college student has just come from their classroom and the material is still fresh in their head. By doing it straightway, they are able to work through their problems more efficiently.

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A Marketplace for Homework Help

Have you ever browsed the time schedule and realized that the deadline of your assignment is in a few days or even hours? I guess it’s happened to you at least once per semester. We see that there are many factors, which can create such a situation. The most common are the complete absence of time and when the task seems completely unclear for to carry out.

HomeworkForYou is a reliable service, which can fix your problems in a moment. It doesn’t matter how complicated your task is and how fast you need it to be done. There are no unachievable assignments which we can’t handle. Like first-aid, we provide qualitative, unique help for all requiring it. To date, our writers and tutors have successfully assisted to fulfill more than 11200 tasks at a high level. Every 4th user has posted homework more than twice.

We would like to thank our members for involvement in the process, our teamwork and of course for referring your friends to HomeworkForYou. We works hard every day to improve usability of using our service. If you have some ideas or suggestions, please be free to contact us or to add your comments below. Your feedbacks are the most important voice for us. Best marks!

The Online Homework Industry as we see it

Back when we started in 2010, the internet had very few many sites that were offering the connection between the tutors that wanted to help people with their work, and the people seeking tutors to help with their Homework.

Nowadays, a simple search will find you a plenitude of sites that offer these services. It continues to be a growing industry, especially since higher institutions like Universities and Colleges still do not take plagiarism as seriously as they should. In fact, their plagiarism starts when the paper is submitted to them, and not before where it should also be looked upon. What this means is that they don’t really care who did the work, so long as the work doesn’t plagiarise others.

Which begs the question: If purchasing shoes makes a person run faster when you’re running barefoot, what’s wrong with you buying a pair of shoes to help you along the way too? If institutions aren’t taking it seriously, why should you?

How HomeworkForYou started

HomeworkForYou is, if not the first, one of the pioneers in the Homework Marketplace space, with the registered company starting back in 2010. Oftentimes we are asked how we started, well here’s the life story:

The founder of H4Y had a friend in California who was doing homework for money. This was during the 2008 crisis where jobs were simply unavailable and it was a struggle just to make ends meet. She mentioned that she would earn a consistent $3,000 a month without really needing to work very hard.

Furthermore, it only started with one assignment, then one friend referred another, and soon she had the power to pick and choose who she could do Homework for. It begs the question, surely there should be a place where we can connect this supply and demand together , and in return, the business would take a service fee.

Enter comes HomeworkForYou, the first Homework Marketplace on the internet.

Online Courses, the new age

While most of the jobs posted on HomeworkForYou are single assignments  and/or papers, there has been a significant amount of posts that are now course based. What does this tell us?

  1. More and more students around the world are taking courses online
  2. Online courses have very poor security standards that very seldomly check whether users are the ones that are doing the work
  3. Universities are more interested in making money than the quality of work students are pushing out

Sure there are anti-cheating technologies such as plagiarism checkers, browser blockers etc., but the fact remains is that these universities are going mostly unchecked on their road to make more money for themselves.

Many of the users on the site post entire courses with providers promising As or Bs with guarantees because online courses have become that easy to get through.

The landscape of education has changed significantly since just 4 years ago where online education was pretty much non-existent. 4 years more and you’re probably going to see more students doing online courses than being in physical universities. Mark my words!

Welcome to the H4Y Blog!

One might wonder why a blog is needed for the site. Well, quite simply, to engage with the lot of you users and providers alike!

HomeworkForYou is the first ever Homework Marketplace on the internet, established in 2010. We exist to provide people who are having difficulty with their coursework or homework an ability to find someone with the expertise to help them out of their rut.

To date, there has been over 15,000 posts on the site and plenty of users that have earned over $10,000 just helping people with their work!