Top 10 Apps Every College Student Needs to Have

1). Dragon Diction

If great ideas fly to your head often on the way to and from school or during the lunch time, you will find Dragon Diction app very helpful tool. Just record your ideas on a smartphone and see your text instantly. You can send it directly to your email and work with this material when you have time.

2). Penultimate

Are you a tech savvy student who prefers to use iPad for making notes instead of writing on paper? If yes, the Penultimate app will be an indispensable aid for you. Choose your favorite paper style and start handwriting or sketching straightway. Furthermore, you are able to connect and sync your notes and drawings with Evernote.

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5 Free Online Tools for Collaboration with Your Classmates

1. Share your workspace on Google Docs and Dropbox

Google Docs and Dropbox are tools that are used mostly for collaboration between college students. Google Docs can help you and your classmates to work on one document at the same time in real-time. You won’t need to have any office software for working on your team project. Use Dropbox to store all data related to your courses and share it with other fellow students from your class. As a modern student, you probably have a lot of gadgets whereby you can get access to all your files saved on Google Docs and Dropbox. If you haven’t used these irreplaceable tools yet, you should do it straightway.

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8 Best Apps for College Students

Nowadays the process of studying has become much easier for students as there are different tools, which can help them to use their time more productively. We would like to introduce you the most useful Apps for Android and iOs, which will lend a helping hand to focus you on studying that you will always be prepared to your exams!

1. Self Control

This iOS app will allow you to block any websites for a set period of time. Even if you don’t withstand and decide to check your messages on Facebook, you won’t be able to access to the blocked websites till your time will pass. Try to delete this app before your specified time has run up and you won’t get access to it either. Isn’t it a brilliant idea?

2. StudyBlue

Do you think that using flashcards can be helpful for memorizing your study materials? Than this flash card-sharing app is for you! High school and college students find it very useful to train their memory. You will soon notice how easy and fast information will be kept in your mind. You can also add study materials, share it with your classmates and practice quizzes there. This app is for both iOS and Android devices.
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