Date: 01/12/2017
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Project Summary: Instructions: There are five short-answer questions that are to be answered. These questions are to be answered thoroughly and short answers that dont follow spelling and grammar rules will be penalized. One-sentence answers will not be sufficient to address the question. Turnitin.com will be automatically used on all submissions to check for plagiarism as well, so be sure to cite all sources following APA standards. If the Turnitin report indicated plagiarism, the assignment will receive a zero and will be reported to the registrars office. The questions to be answered will be listed at the end of this page. When you have completed answering the questions, please enter them in a Microsoft Word Document and upload it. The Turnitin check will occur automatically. QUESTIONS TO BE ANSWERED: 1. Describe how the use of a tall smoke stack might improve air quality near a large industrial facility. 2. How can topography contribute to pollution in a city or region? 3. From where do hurricanes derive their energy? What factors tend to weaken hurricanes? Would you expect a hurricane to weaken more quickly if it moved over land or over cooler water? 4. Where is the Bermuda high located during the summer and fall? How might the path of a hurricane, moving toward the west from Africa, be affected by the Bermuda High as the hurricane approaches the United States? 5. How do you think pollutants are removed from the atmosphere? Does this occur quickly or slowly?