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Project Summary: Using the article: projectheartforgirls.com: development of a web-based HIV/STD prevention program for adolescent girls emphasizing sexual communication skills Find (4) in text citations: (2) scholarly/journal articles (1) website (1) reports from private organization or gov report Using the attached worksheet, complete the boxes accordingly: Must search a Library database such as Ebsco (NOT PubMed) and submit a search history which will show the search strategies used. 1.- Source: see example on worksheet 2.- Authority: What's is the author's expertise, affiliations or credentials? 3.- Accuracy: Does the source provide citations and references so you can verify the information? Does it contain charts/graphs and tables to verify accuracy through the data it presents? 4.- Currency: When(what year?) was the information written? Is it current or outdated? 5.- Coverage: How many pages is the article? Is the information presented brief or in-depth? 6.- Objectivity: Does the author or publisher ave a bias that could affect the reliability of the information? Is that point of view clearly stated somewhere in the article? 7.- Analysis: Do the authors provide only their own point of view? Is the purpose of the article to provide information or to try to sell or promote something? (1) page on Search Strategy: for each citation so in total of 4 strategies. (APA format) A. Where did you search? B. What words did you type? C. How did you limit/reorder the list? Example: Journal article: Racial disparities in cancer survival among randomized clinical trials patients of the Southwest Oncology Group. I went to EBSC Medline Complete and clicked on Advanced Search. I typed "Albain" i the first search box, and changed the dropdown box to Author. I typed "Unger" in the second search box, and changed the dropdown box to Author. I typed "cancer" in the third search box and changed the dropdown box to "Abstract." After I got a list of articles, I changed the Publication Date to 2009-2009, and got two articles. I chose the first article on the list. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (1) Reference page - APA format and include a doi accordingly if needed. Lastly please include a pdf document of the first page of the 4 articles. (Printable)