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Project Summary: Watch and Analyze movie, Parental Guidance (2012) with Billy Crystal, Bette Midler and Marisa Tomei (You many need to rent the movie - could not find it on Netflix or YouTube for free) In a 4-5 page paper, describe the movie and how it relates to the course material. Use these questions to help guide you but you are not limited to these: What type of parenting styles do each of the adults appear to use? Do you think one style was more effective than the other? How could the relationship between the parents and grandparents be described in relation to the reading? What differences did you observe between how the grandparents raised their own children and how the children were raising their own children? What was the relationship like between grandparents and grandchildren at the beginning of the movie compared to the end? How did the grandparents influence the parenting style of their own grown child? For your conclusion, use critical thinking! Using parenting concepts/resolutions from the movie: how might these be true, or not, in our normal lives? Do you feel these are cultural changes or better education/understanding of child development in our society today? Do you have experience with any of these same relationship transitions with your own parent(s)/children? At the conclusion of this course, what are the "take-aways" over the last 6 weeks that resonated with you the most? If using additional sources, be sure to include in your reference page in APA format. The movie and book should also be included in APA format.