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Project Summary: 650 words. Answer three questions. The banking and currency system in the U.S. is the envy of the world. There are approximately 260 nations on earth. Out of those only about 10 have a stable currency. We take this for granted. Money is simply stored value. It evolved from the barter system. Gold has a universally recognized value. All early currencies were based on it. Today our currency is considered so stable that many nations now peg their currency to our dollar. Many Americans are ignorant about the federal reserve board. It has been said that the chairman Ben Brenake has more power to affect the average citizen's life than the president.Follow the links and answer the associated questions. 1. What are three ways that the Federal Reserve Board controls the nations money supply? The Federal Reserve System (Links to an external site.) Links to an external site. 2. Many economists now feel that M2 is a more important indicator than M1. Why is this? 3. As you know the economy has changed dramatically in the last 4 years. Our banking and finance system once the envy of the world has come under a new scrutiny. How you have been affected by the financial crisis and how you plan to protect yourself in the future.