Date: 17/09/2017
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Feedback Comment: Assignee gave excuse after excuse about why the work wasn't done, then told me multiple times that it would be uploaded "tonight" then told me that they "thought" that they'd already uploaded it, but would do so "soon." They didn't submit anything by the deadline and I cancelled it.
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Project Summary: Creating a medical treatment plan for a community that is multicultural, involving modern medicine practices as well as including shaman visits and herbal medicines. A chemical spill, from a derailed train, has caused members of the community to seek medical attention. The area has multicultural citizens, among them is an Vietnamese community, who have different medical traditions. A young child from this community is brought to the local hospital with injuries; the hospital staff wants to give the child medical treatment that aligns more with the Vietnamese culture world view. The culture uses herbal remedies for medicine and also uses a shaman, instead of a doctor. Some of the younger community members have adapted, and except Western medicine and accept their doctors advice for medical issues. Many of the older community members are suspicious of Western medicine. The local facility is resistant to allowing shaman in to visit the patients rooms. Design a program with multidimensional series of tasks, focusing on training and education for both hospital staff and shamans. Create means to measure the satisfaction of staff and patients. Create a service protocol chart, providing levels of quality. Program design can be a large, multidimensional series of tasks, so for this assignment you will focus only on the following elements: A service protocol narrative chart (in table format as illustrated in your course text on pages 137138). Include multicultural influences in all of the above four areas. Your paper should meet the following requirements: The work needs to be 7 pages if double spaced, 4 scholarly references, cited within the work.