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Project Summary: i need someone who is an expert with logic class ( philosophy ) to help me out with my assignment. The instructions and steps are stated below. Please follow them carefully. " Analogies: 33.1 numbers 2 and 3. Do not follow the book's instructions. Instead, use the 6 criteria for evaluating analogies to determine whether the argument is weak, medium, or strong. Ennumerative Induction: Identify the population, the sample, and potential sources of bias. Decide if the argument is weak, medium, or strong. (a) One thousand college students were randomly selected from four Catholic Colleges and asked about the US president's approval rate. 56% of them dissaproved of the president. So about 56% of college students in the US dissaprove of the president. (b) 5000 Americans representing various religions, races, economic classes, and genders were randomly selected. They were asked whether they thought the US should get rid of the debt ceiling. Only 32% thought this was a good idea. So probably 32% of Americans think that getting rid of the debt ceiling is a good idea. Inference to the Best Explanation: Evaluate each of the competing explanations with the 5 criteria for ITTBE's and determine which is the best explanation. (a) Brian moves, talks, and acts like a normal human being. Either (1) Brian is a normal person, or (2) Brian is a highly advanced android developed by the government and being given a test run. (b) Tyrannosaurus Rex were massive animals with very good eyesight, smell, and strong powerful muscles. Animals with good eyesight are almost always predators. But evidence also suggests that the T-Rex was not very fast. Either (1) T-Rex was an active hunter, or (2) the slow speed of the T-Rex made it best suited to scavenging. (c) A house was broken into and robbed. The burglars fled into the snowy night. One set of tracks was observed in the snow. Either (1) The robbery was the work of one person, or (2) The robbery was the work of two people, where the second was careful to follow in the first person's tracks so as to leave only one set of prints. Mill's Methods: Identify which of Mill's Methods is being used in 33.7, numbers 6-11. 32.2: 5, 11, 12, 24, 32.4: 3 (a) In 1920, the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, endorsed eugenics programs. Therefore, the Planned Parenthood of today is nothign but evil eugenicists. (b) The results of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are catastrophic. We need to take better precautions against hurricanes to protect our citizens. Therefore, the government ought to force all citizens in coastal cities to move inland. (c) Senator Menendez wants to pass a bill limiting carbon emissions. Clearly, he thinks that all carbon emissions should be removed from the U.S. But if we do this, we will have very little electricity, transportation, or industry. This will ruin the U.S. economy. So we should reject his bill. (d) Our company did knowingly develop land that was home to protected species of lizards, and this is illegal. But did you realize that we donate over $250,000 to the World Wildlife Fund each year? Protecting our planet's life is a noble goal! " book scanned are attached below . FINAL PRICE 30 $. thats all i can pay for it