Date: 10/11/2017
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Project Summary: Reflection on chapter on any parts of chapter 1-3 of Green Christianity by Mark Wallace. Critical Reflection Paper Guidelines Here are some guidelines for writing and turning in each paper. 1. Read. Before writing your paper, you should have read all of the material assigned for the week that the paper is assigned. 2. Reflect. Focus your writing on something you consider to be an important or interesting part (or parts) of the readings assigned for that week. You do not have to summarize the entirety of the readings. 3. Write. Each paper must be approximately 900 words (approximately 3 double-spaced pages). Clearly indicate what part(s) of the reading youre writing about. You need to make specific reference to the text. You may (but are not required to) include direct quotations, and you are not required to include a full works cited page. Be clear that youre writing about the readings and not just about our discussions or lectures from class. 4. Formatting. These are relatively informal papers, but you should follow some basic formatting guidelines: a. put your name on your paper; b. use a title (something descriptive or creative, not Critical Reflection One) c. cite your source (including page number) for any direct quotations. d. Personal opinions and first-person (I) language are acceptable. This paper should be relevant to your life and/or studies. Feel free to include yourself (your background, your ideas, experiences, etc.) in the process of examining the readings. 5. Stay on topic. Each paper should demonstrate your ability to think and write critically about the issues addressed in the readings.