Date: 04/11/2018
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Project Summary: During the semester we covered causes, sociological explanations, and correlates of delinquency. The book, Last Chance in Texas, details the lives of juveniles committed to the then Texas Youth Commission’s Capitol Offenders Program. Choose one of the youth from book and describe the factors you that you see as contributing to their becoming delinquent. To do this, determine which theory, sociological explanation, or correlates covered in the book that best support your determination. Do not use rational choice, routine activities, or deterrence as these would not really explain the youth’s involvement to this level. Make sure that you demonstrate your knowledge of the theory, explanation, or correlate by providing a detailed overview. Also, provide certain aspects of the juvenile’s life situation/experiences that support your position. Simply put, use what we have covered in the book to explain what got the kid got into this program.