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Project Summary: Is anyone interested? Purpose: To provide students with the opportunity to explore a current health legislative issue that relates to a health disparity at the state or national level. Instructions: Perform a thorough search of the literature, the media, and discussions with stakeholders such as legislators, consumers, and other healthcare professionals about a current health legislative issue. Students will provide answers to the following issues: 1. What is the current legislative or regulatory issue, and why is it being debated? 2. Who is most affected by the legislation? 3. What are the current socioeconomic, political, cultural, and ethical issues surrounding this topic? 4. Who are the stakeholders? 5. What are the positions of professional health care organizations (ANA, AHA, AMA), consumers, and the major political parties on the issue? 6. What are the implications of the policy issue for nursing? Parameters: Minimum requirement of 1000-1500 words and 5-7 scholarly resources (this does not include the title or reference pages) in APA format.