Date: 02/12/2018
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Feedback Comment: Pros: timeliness Cons: none really. He did have a few misspelling errors but given the time frame I gave him, it wasn't an issue really Verdict: My favorite user on this site so far.
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Project Summary: "Grade" my paper Original prompt: For this essay, you will create an essay of 1200-1400 words exploring this ethical issue you researched for your annotated bib. Define it. Gather information to explain what is happening and why it is an ethical concern. Your stand on the issue should be clear throughout. You will need to use the five items from your annotated bibliography as well as four additional sources. To be counted as a source, the source will have to be cited in the body of the essay. Issue: ethics of animal and human testing 3 main points: ambiguity, poor procedure reports and lack of awareness about the issue REQUIREMENTS: 1. CHECK ALL MLA CITATIONS. THIS INCLUDES IN-TEXT. 2.CHECK GRAMMAR. TAKE OUT REDUNDANT PARTS 3. CHECK WORKS CITED PAGE!! BASICALLY MAKE SURE THERE IS NO UNINTENDED PLAGIARISM ALSO, ANY CHANGES YOU MAKE WRITE THEM DOWN IN A SEPARATE PAGE. Just don't say "Oh it's fine" and don't change anything. At least specify why.