Date: 11/12/2018
Feedback Given By: livingstonjanerika
Feedback Comment: Horrible, literally do NOT pay this person. First of all, I listed all of my instructions for bidders to see, very specific and direct, I also listed the maximum amount I was willing to pay. Richwhite offered to write my paper and I went to read his reviews and for the most part they were decent however NOW I’m convinced he/she writes these reviews themselves. Fast foward, I chose richwrite for my paper and instantly he/she is telling me to add a bonus because they didn’t see what my paper required. EVEN THOUGH I LISTED IT PLAIN AND CLEAR. Anyways, I agree to give bonus tip once paper was looked at. Received my paper back, it looked good ( it was a book review. IVE NEVER READ TO BOOK) 1% plagiarism okay cool. I turn the paper in AND I FAILED MY CLASS. This person not only harassed me the entire time requesting a bonus this person also wrote a paper that was not the topic or correct book!!!Iam devestated. & I will not stop until I receive a full refund from HomeworkForYou I AM CRYING
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Project Summary: Criminal justice book review