Date: 23/04/2019
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Project Summary: problem solution paper Your project must adhere to the conventions of the genre of academic research writing, specifically and undergraduate journal article. Your argument must be clear and supportable - A problem must be clearly identified and a solution suggested, both of which are supportable. Your project must be entirely in proper MLA. format (or whichever citation style you have been using this semester), including in-text citations for all facts, proper quotations and paraphrasing, proper paper setup, and an accurate Works Cited page. You must include a minimum of 6 academic (peer reviewed) sources in this essay. Each source should clearly relate to your problem/solution. Work Cited does not count toward the paper’s word total. Paper must be at least 3,000 words and no more than 4.500 words, and must use at least 6 academic (peer reviewed) sources