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Project Summary: 250 word esssays o Compare and contrast (a) evolutionary change and (b) revolutionary change. o Outline and explain the main steps in action research. As part of this essay, explain why restructuring is sometimes necessary for reengineering to take place. Activity o Managers have many opportunities to pursue their own interests, and can use their power to take advantage of subordinates, limit their freedom, and even steal their ideas. At the same time, managers may have a natural tendency to become risk averse. In light of these ethical dilemmas, answer the following: o What kind of ethical code should an organization create to try to prevent the selfish managerial behaviors that can contribute to inerita o How can your organization use ethics to encourage managers to maintain a risk-taking attitude that benefits all stakeholders? Go to this Website on the organizational process models of decision-making (glossary): http://www.auburn.edu/~johnspm/gloss/organizational_process o Select one of the key words on the right of the screen to research that interests you. o On the subject you selected, there is a SEE ALSO area of related research items (on the left-center). Choose one of these links to study and add to your report to expand the definition. o Write a report on the topic you chose from the decision-making process aspect and what you learned from this Website. Will it help in your field of work?