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Project Summary: I Need help writing this research paper that is due June 7 but need to show a rough draft before hand June 4 and also need to write what I will be talking about in front of the class. please help me...Frankenstein Research Paper Research paper topics Research Paper Process Choose a topic from one of the themes in Frankenstein. These include bioethics, science, experimentation, bullying and judgement based on appearance or bias. Think of related topics to this list as well. What are real world issues that face Frankenstein, the creature, or other characters in the novel? How do the novel's issues affect us today? How does our culture or society deal with these issues? Write an argumentative thesis that makes a claim about one of these issues, and use sources to prove your thesis is correct. Use at least credible sources IN ADDITION TO your Frankenstein reading. These sources MUST include at least one scholar