Date: 26/06/2019
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Project Summary: Hollywood Organic Co-op is in process of implementing an electronic document management system (EDMS). Five stores in the co-op, 15 mile radius of LAX airport. Co-op currently has separate document management tools in each location and is not consistently retaining and securely managing critical business documents. A new EDMS must be developed or purchased which will allow stores to create, store, and retrieve all official documents securely and efficiently. Documents refer to electronic documentation for all e-mail, text, orders and invoices, web pages, and marketing communication. Some co-op members are celebrities and considering recent hacking of major retail computer systems, there is concern that documentation security may need to be improved prior to final implementation of the EDMS. As IT manager, the CIO and CEO have tasked you with setting the stage for gathering the requirements for an EDMS that integrates all five stores to consistently retain and securely manage docs