Date: 11/11/2019
Feedback Given By: x0bella
Feedback Comment: Got a F on my midterm project. Provided him with so much instructions & he still manage to fail. Disappointed!
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This work has been completed by: THEDON
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Project Summary: I AM VERY LATE ON THIS ASSIGNMENT, please be sure if you can finish it by tonight if I assign you thank you! I have a midterm on the book Apology Socrates, Plato. The questions are in the instructions , each question should be answered into 1-3 paragraphs. please be specific as much as possible. avoid the internet of researching. Please ask to be assignment if you actually read the book. PLEASE answer 5 out of the 6. you do not have to complete all 6 questions! just ANY 5. I will attach a score sheet for you to keep in mind what to say focus on.