Date: 18/12/2019
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Feedback Comment: Dont truss him. He did plagarism. And prof catched me. I got zero. Prof understood he wrote essay. Prof found his name also. His name is Edi Kanyua. Even prof found his name while he found plagarism. He is not trustable person. Dont assign any homework to him if you dont want to get Zero. I got zero!!!!!!
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Project Summary: I have a Civil Engineering assignment about the Bay Bridge in San Francisco. Please read the 8 articles which I uploaded in 1 pdf document and write a 3 pages report on the ethics of the Bay Bridge. Given the number and scope of the articles presented, you certainly should not include all of them. Rather focus on one or two issues, describe them, and, referencing the ASCE canon of ethics, discuss the ethics of the situation. I also uploaded ASCE Code of Ethics Lecture for you to study before writing. Specifically you should analyze the ethics of the situation – e.g, is it ethical to convene a blue ribbon panel to critically review an agency’s work, when everyone on the panel receives funding from that agency. Please if you really understand the assignment, give a bid. This assignment is so important for me. Please read articles and lecture which I uploaded. Thank you