Date: 19/05/2020
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Project Summary: STEP 1: UNDERSTANDING THE TEXT FOR THE WRITTEN ANALYSIS ESSAY YOUR GOAL: Critical thinking is similar to detective work. It relies on you to analyze ideas and reflect on them. This means you must go beyond your initial impression of a text to uncover deeper meanings. FIRST, choose the text “The Globalization of Eating Disorders". NEXT, summarize your text in four to six sentences. In your summary, be sure to capture the most important elements of the text in your own words. FINALLY, answer these questions to begin understanding and analyzing your text: What is the text’s goal or purpose? What message, if any, is the text trying to convey? Does the text appeal to your emotions? How? (use details from the text to explain) Does the text appeal to your logic? How? (use details from the text to explain) Do you think the text is credible? Why or Why not? (use detail to explain) Who is the text's intended audience? How do you know?