Date: 02/06/2020
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Project Summary: For this exercise,pick one day and seek to structure your thoughts and behaviors entirely around helping others. With each interaction or action you take,pause to think and ask yourself “is there a way I might help another here?”Hold a door for someone, offer your seat, share a smile, give a sincere compliment, show empathy to another, attempt to be more patient or understanding, etc.Your efforts should be in social settings that involve interactions with others (rather than something such as donating to a charity for instance).The goal is to be as thoughtfully prosocial in your interactions throughout the day as possible.At the beginning of the day, jot down your general mood, feelings, attitude, etc.Then throughout the day, whenever possible, carry a small notebook with you or make notes in an app on your phone to jot down meaningful encounters or experiences as you attempt to engage in prosocial behaviors.At the end of the day, again reflect and take notes on how you feel, emotions