Date: 31/10/2020
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Feedback Comment: Good work and flexible
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Project Summary: I want you to practice the ability to let the words on the page speak for themselves, and to attempt to interpret their meaning without imposing your own perspectives. For close readings, you need to start simply with the words on the page: What are they saying? What words, phrases, images, rhetoric, or patterns (like repetition, contrasts, or similarities) stood out to you? Why? What do these words, phrases, images, rhetorical choices, etc. mean or imply? What could the text have said differently, but chose not to – and what implications does that choice have for the interpretation of the text? How does this passage in particular showcase your author's unique approach to the problem of evil and suffering? Your journal should (1) quote the chosen passage in full, with a correct citation, so that I have the context of your analysis. Then (2) provide a two paragraphs of analysis about and thick description of your chosen passage. 400-500 words and in-text citation