Date: 09/12/2020
Feedback Given By: cross_318
Feedback Comment: TERRIBLE! This person was late on the assignment. I kept having to reach out to see if everything was okay. They ended up telling me they had computer issues a day after it was due. Then they asked for an extra hour to "re-write it real quick" which just resulted in an entire essay being copied and pasted from articles. Then lying about the fact that it was all stoled from those articles. 10/10 would NOT recommend you hire them. I would have understood if they had been truthful and not tried to fool me.
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Project Summary: Hollywood vs Reality. (Schindlers List AND Kingsman)This should be a fun and great way to end this semester.watch the full movies, then compare and contrast the two movies description of the countries politics and compare and contrast to what you have learned throughout this course about how those governments actually work.