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Project Summary: Select one of these multinational food and beverage companies as the basis for this case McDonald’s Around the World, Dunkin’ Donuts Global Presence, KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken Choose two countries (not used in the Module 1 SLP) in which the company does business and research target markets. Consider if there are culturally prescribed dietary restrictions (such as dairy products, red meat, shellfish, or pork). Research traditional menu choices in the country (this may be accomplished by an internet search). Provide rationale for at least three regional menu items per country. Information for this section should come from a reputable source. The World Factbook (maintained by the CIA) is a good place to start. Another government site, U.S. Department of State’s country information, also links to embassies. The use of government-maintained websites adds to the credibility of the information presented. Supplement the government research with articles from the library’s full-text database