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Project Summary: 1.For this paper evaluate one to three items from the list below that you feel has the greatest impact on advancing democracy in the United States: Racial Inequality, Due Process protections, Limited government, Gender Inequality, Interest Group behavior, Civic Education, Right of Privacy, Voting & Elections, 1st Amendment rights, Civil Rights, Bill of Rights, the role of media and political socialization, Civil Liberties, Bureaucracy, Immigration/Xenophobia, Climate Change, Economic Inequality, Gerrymandering, Political Parties, Campaign Spending & Elections 2.In the conclusion of this paper, please explain what role any individual person could play in society to promote a more effective and better functioning democratic system. The Final Paper consists of: 5-7 pages (not counting the Cover Page or Bibliography Page) APA “in-text” citations must be used! Double Spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font. 8-12 scholarly “peer-reviewed” sources