Date: 22/02/2021
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Project Summary: No Plagiarism or google copy and paste will be accepted. This paper gives you the opportunity to practice the basic methods of description and analysis in art history while exploring the art collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (aka The Met). There are multiple approaches to analyzing a work of art but all require careful looking. The paper has 3 components: a scavenger hunt, an analysis of one painting, and a sketch of the painting and reflection of your copy. Although this paper is fun to do on an actual visit to the museum, the Met’s extensive website allows you to explore the collection from home. Part I: Scavenger Hunt Choose 3 of these following things to hunt for in the Met’s collection (DO NOT choose the first result from your search!): 1. An Egyptian statue of a person in a formal, frontal pose 2. A Greek or Roman sculpture of a person in a contrapposto pose 3. A wearable artwork (mask, headdress, armor, clothing)