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Project Summary: Instructions: Make an ordered list of the premises, subconclusions, and main conclusions of the following argument. Do not just list the sentences! List conclusions and subconclusions after the premises for them. (Disclose the logic of the argument.) Remember that there may be more than one proposition in a sentence. Do not forget to notice indicator language, and account for it by listing propositions in the appropriate order. (Do not include the indicator language in your list.) Remember also that it often happens that a certain claim (often a conclusion) is made more than once. These different statements of the claim should be treated as a single proposition and listed only once. Any statement that is not a premise, subconclusion or main conclusion should be left out. (Hint: try diagramming the argument to help you see the logic. But do not turn in the diagram; turn in the ordered list of premises and conclusions.) The argument: In cases where an expectant mother is abusing drugs or alcohol, states have a right to intervene on behalf of unborn children, andstates should exercise this right immediately.While it may be true that a mere fetus has no rights,surely a born child does have rights, andthese rights project backward to the time it was in the womb. This is true becausewhat happens to the child in the womb can have an impact throughout the childslife.It is well known that alcohol and drug abuse by expectant mothers cause birth defects, andthese defects are not correctable after birth.Granted, an expectant mother has the right to treat her own body as she chooses, butthis right does not extend to her treatment of her unborn child.Once a pregnant woman decides to give birth, she effectively transfers part of her rights over to her unborn child.Unfortunately, however, the unborn child is incapable of securing these rights for itself. Thus,the intervention of the states is justified. I want the assignment to be ready by midnight. I will give you bonus.