Date: 07/04/2021
Feedback Given By: farahalmashal
Feedback Comment: Will never deal with her again, I assigned her to do one of my assigment, and i couldn't use it cause its not accurate at all and unrelated to the main purpose of the assignment. When I told her so she started threatening me to report my account and what not. Very poor quality highly not recommended
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Project Summary: essay Explain yourself - state/cite examples to support your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. This entry should be anywhere from 250-500 words - this is approximately 1-2 pages double spaced. Other students will NOT read this entry. REMINDER: For this assignment, I will ask you a follow-up question in the "Comment" box - be sure to answer it for a little extra credit on this assignment! This only applies to those who submit the assignment by the due date. Your overall thoughts on this topic and her presentation. Name two (2) items that you learned from this discussion that are directly related to what you have learned in the previous pages. Give specific examples from the presentation that personally impacted you - and why? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEHDQeIRTgs