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Project Summary: Case Study Joe, a recently divorced, 56-year-old Caucasian man presents to you, his primary-care provider, with complaints of insomnia and fatigue. He denies any recent injury or specific pain and was last seen in your office 11 months ago. Joe has taken an antihypertensive medication to control his blood pressure for 3 years and does not report any adverse side effects. Joe has worked in law enforcement for 14 years. He recently discharged his firearm for the first time. Even though no one was injured, Joe has been attending mandated appointments with the department psychologist. Joe reports that he does not have a regular exercise regimen. To relax he typically goes fishing or has a few beers after his shift. Other than the mandated appointments with the department psychologist, Joe has not sought any mental health treatment. Please see attach for the project in question. 2. Need a one page paper on "handwashing" disease prevention as it relate to disease prevention/covid-19.