Date: 17/04/2021
Feedback Given By: foster.terrell
Feedback Comment: Very organized and great flow! I would definitely go with Kennwals again and the following is just me being nit picky. There was a slight lack of communication, I would have appreciated more timely responses. But Kennwals did exactly what they said they would do, when they said they would do it! Much Appreciated. Lastly, grammar. The first half of my paper was great with very minimal grammatical errors however, the conclusion and recommendation sections of my paper were not grammatical. Like, I said, I will definitely use Kennwals in the future, just be sure to set time aside to revise and edit! Thanks Kennwals!
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Project Summary: The purpose of this paper is to identify barriers to entry for blacks in America which have resulted in in the accounting profession's disproportional race demographics. By examining the various and historical entrants into the accounting profession, education and professional experience are two significant barriers identified. This paper adds to the discussion as to why there are so few black accounting professionals within the profession. The sources attached (works cited) should be used to form opinion. Additional sources relevant to accounting can be added to facilitate discussion.