Date: 19/04/2021
Feedback Given By: eclyde
Feedback Comment: The worst experience I could have had. I asked before I assigned the homework if they understood what was being asked of the excel assignment. They guaranteed they did, and I ended up with a 54 on a big assignment. Not only that, they practically held my assignment hostage asking for a bonus because they said the work was worth more than what I was willing to pay. I am still confused why they even did the initial bid if what I was willing to pay didn't match the work. Thank goodness I gave them a fake deadline, because they were over 6 hours late for the assignment "due date", and that was with me begging them to return it. I couldn't imagine my grade if any more points were to be deducted for being wrong and being turned in late.
Project Details
Project Status: Completed
This work has been completed by: Respectwriter
Total payment made for this project was: $30.29
Project Summary: Finance Spreadsheet: This is a three part excel spreadsheet. I need the correct data put in the orange cells. I not only need the correct answer, but also the cells needs to have the formula in it to obtain the correct answer. I also need the questions in the yellow boxes answered about each spreadsheet.