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Project Summary: Read these directions if you don't know how to make an .mp3 (or .wma) file on your computer: http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/how-to-create-an-mp3-file.html Upload your audio file to your first post. Select your favorite reading from the textbook. You should finish all of your Student Choice Readings List before doing this week's work. Which one changed your thinking? Which one surprised you? Further, WHERE in the text did it change or surprise? Pick a pivotal, awesome part of your favorite reading. Select a solid half page of writing. A page if it's wholly dialogue. Your reading should be one to two minutes. REHEARSE! Create an awesome reading to ENTERTAIN! Can you do voices? Well do them! Can you try? Well then try! Don't be afraid to pull in a friend, family member, or classmate to do the reading with you and create a nuanced reading.