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Project Summary: You are tasked with composing a 2000 word paper that offers a musicological reading of a song, recorded performance, or music video. A music analysis necessitates a close look at a piece’s constituent parts and argues for how they create a cohesive artistic gesture. Additionally, this analysis should connect your selected piece to its sociomusical impact (i.e. what does this music accomplish and for whom?). Students are encouraged, but not required, to connect their musical analysis to discussions of identity at the intersection of race/ethnicity and gender/sexuality. Your paper should take on music critically (i.e. using theory, music/sound/aesthetic analysis, sociohistorical context, and/or a discussion of performance/composition methodologies) in supporting your thesis. Ultimately, in this paper, you will select a song (and possibly its music video), describe it, and make a case for what it accomplishes and how.