Date: 28/11/2021
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Project Summary: Throughout History, big changes start as a vision of an ideal, and our built environment becomes a result of how this ideology is expressed and implemented. The urban fabric created may have positive and negative impact on our society. In your research, discuss the key elements of the plan, when and how it came about, why it was created, and its positive and negative impacts. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation/PDF describing the vision behind the urban intervention, implementation of the plan, its success or failure, and the positive and negative impacts of one of the following: Pope Sixtus V's plan to modernize Rome, Haussmann plan to modernize Paris, Corbusier Plan Voisin, Frank Lloyd Wright Broadacre City, Brasilia, New York, Dubai, Hong Kong, Cerda’s plan for Barcelona, Toronto’s Waterfront, The Acropolis, Norman Foster Masdar City.