Date: 09/05/2022
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Feedback Comment: Was done rushed, i asked for 5 pages and only got 4 and got a D- and had to do my own assignment the point was for it to be done in a good manner if I wanted badly done would have done it myself.
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Project Summary: Written report: Approximately 2000-3000 words (5-8 pages) about Ahmed Adaweyah and how he influenced Shaabi. Must complete outline following the pdf attached and paper must be at least 5-8 pages. You must relate how the music, artist, or activity reflects its cultural origins and its impact on the contemporary world music scene. Beside for the main body of the paper, your paper will also include citations for all quotes and a bibliography of all sources used. You may certainly use online resources, and Wikipedia is a good place to start, but be sure to follow up with other sources, many of which are usually listed at the end of every credible Wikipedia article. Some video or audio examples of the music or artists must also be included. These links should be accompanied by some commentary on what they are and what is going on in them. YouTube links are best and are easier to discuss when they are embedded directly into your paper where relevant.