Date: 24/05/2022
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Project Summary: Analyze ALL 5 of the case studies using ONLY ONE ethical theories: Kantian Deontology, Utilitarianism, Nozick's theory, virtue ethics, Rawls' theory, or Marxism. (You can pick ONLY ONE of them that is easier for you) _Rubric: 20 to >15.0 pts. Good 1. Mechanics, Grammar, Sentence Structure, etc: Few mistakes in sentence structure, grammar, and clarity. Any mistakes do not interfere with the author's point. 2. Accuracy: Are all of the relevant themes, issues, and concepts displayed?: All relevant theoretical concepts are appropriately applied to the specified issue. 3. Sources: Are sources adequately cited and employed to prove the authors point?: All sources are used to support the author's points. ALl sources are cited appropriately and consistently. 4. Prompt: Does the presentation adequately follow the prompt?: All aspects of prompt are fully developed and answered correctly. 5. Submission: In the proper format.