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Project Summary: Final Exam: American Politics (PLSI 200-04) Summer 2022 Directions: The exam consists of two parts: Part 1. Identifications/Short Answers (40%); and Part 2. Essay (60%). Part 1. Identifications/short answers: a. define the term(s) b. use an example c. explain its significance to American politics and to course themes Your answers should integrate and refer to the assigned links under each one Answer FOUR of the following (1 page for each answer, fully 4 pages) Part 2. Essay Questions: Answer ONE essay topic fully (3 pages) a. Define terms, use examples and evidence from readings, lectures, videos, podcasts, and discussions. b. State your position and explain how your position is similar or different than the author(s) you cite. c. Explain your points with evidence and logic. Make sure each paragraph has a topic sentence and that you connect your points and your paragraphs to each other.