Date: 05/08/2022
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Feedback Comment: great job
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Project Summary: Ok I need an experienced teacher who is familiar with game design / development / virtual learning Complete Game Design document Game URL or a visual mock-up picture file Design an educational game that addresses a specific learning objective in the subject and grade level that you teach or plan to teach. Think objectively (not emotionally) about the feedback you received from your peers and instructor on your game idea and use that as the starting point of this activity. Continue and complete the Game Design template document i.e. Object of the Game, Design Details, and Design Process. Feel free to modify the earlier sections based on peer and instructor feedback that you received. Include a visual mock-up that communicates the look and feel of your game. Try to keep in mind an online version of your game, especially if students are going to complete it remotely. Be sure to include your signature (first and last name) on your original work.