Date: 02/11/2022
Feedback Given By: Velasco.kim619
Feedback Comment: I appreciate how well she structured the research and wrote it.
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Project Summary: Read the article and write a complete, 500-word summary of the article, making sure to identify the specific argument the author is making. Include the complete citation at the top of your summary. Write down what you think the purpose, the audience, the language, the presentation, and the evidence is for the argument. What kind of discipline is the author working in? What are the examples that she/he uses to make her/his points? Is there any specialized jargon? This is for you, don’t hand this in. This is pre-writing. Identify the sentence where the author states the main claim of the argument. Make a list of the examples, data, or forms of support that the writer uses to back up the claim. Describe the structure of the article—how many sections are there? How is it laid out? What is the focus and purpose of each section of the argument? How does the writer advance the argument in a logical sequence? Develop these notes into a 500-word summary of the argument. Use MLA format.