Date: 24/04/2015
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Feedback Comment: On time, and he is a good writer.
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Project Summary: Hi, please I want someone to write three pages of free writing. The first page: is writing about my self. I am sam from jordan, and I am 25 years old. I came to the United States to complete my education in Civil engineering. I chose this major because I am good at science and math. My weaknesses are I can't say no to anyone who asks for helping, I find some difficult to do things, also ( add three more things for my weaknesses please).. also, I want you to write about my strength. . So, the first page is about myself, weaknesses, and strength. . Each of these should be in separate paragraphs. So the first page should have 3 paragraphs. Now for page two and three ... you have to prpare 10 questions... Once you prepare the 10 questions asks two people: 2nd page, you have to ask 10 questions to a friend that you know him less than one year. .. 3rd page you have to ask the same 10 questions to a person you know more than 5 years. Remember, for page number 2 and 3 are the same questions but different answers. Also, I want the 3 pages looks like one... it is like an essay, I mean you have to put transition words and sentences... in addition, I want a copy for the 10 questions <<< so, this is going to be the page number 4 , I just need the question. In page number 4 ..